Smash Fight 2
Developer(s) "Balls"
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment (PS1 and PS2 only)
Vivendi Universal Games
Engine Modified GeoBob Engine 2
Platform(s) PlayStation
PlayStation 2
Universal Odyssey
"Balls" Durango
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo 64
Neo Geo
Greeny Arcade
Released NA April 14, 2002
EU April 23, 2002
JP June 22, 2002
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: T
Media CD-ROM

Smash Fight 2 is a fighting game developed by "Balls" and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Its the sequel to the 1999 game Smash Fight. This game is one of five games not to have it's code released as open source, after GeoBob Engine 2's release under MIT License in 2013.


Similar to Super Smash Bros. Melee


Playable characters

Unlockable characters


Cover arts



  • Almost half of the roster is cut in the GBA version to make it less of a hassle, since the Game Boy Advance is less powerful than the PS2. This was also to make it so the game doesn't look bad on the handheld. Later Launched For A Wii U Classic On October 27 2014
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