Planet Ghost, Corp.
Type Subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment and "Balls"
Industry Interactive entertainment
Computer and video games
Fate Purchased by Rockstar, "Balls" currently owns the office, the trademarks, intellectual properties, 51% of the staff and assets, while Rockstar owns the 49% of the staff, games that Rockstar Boston made and the office.
Predecessors B&C Interactive
Successors "Balls" Studios Boston
Rockstar Boston (closed 2006)
Defunct 1994 (B&C Interactive)
2002 (Planet Ghost)
2003 (Infogrames Planet Ghost)
2006 (Rockstar Boston)
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts
Employees ~100
Owner(s) "Balls" Inc (51%, 1996-2012)
"Balls" Corporation (51%, 2012-present)
Rockstar Games (49% (Planet Ghost), 2003-2006)
Infogrames (49%, 2002-2003)
Parent "Balls"

Planet Ghost, Corp. is American game developer, located at Boston


Planet Ghost, Corp. was founded after B&C Interactive was closed. Planet Ghost Corp also opened few offices to Birmingham and Melbourne, but Melbourne studio was closed in 1996 and Birmingham studio was closed in 2002, prior the acquisition of Planet Ghost Corp by Infrogames Entertainment.

Infogrames Planet Ghost originally was supposed to be renamed to Atari Planet Ghost after Infogrames gave the companies to Atari. But selled this company to Rockstar instead.

When Rockstar Games bought the company, "Balls" and Rockstar Games spared their stakes and Rockstar Games made Rockstar Boston out of 49% of the staff.

Games developed