Original author(s)/creator(s) Traveller's Tales/Nintendo (the original source code)
Developers Equinoxe Digital Entertainment
Initial release Geo Adventure: Gree Guy's Returns engine/October 2002
Recent release Equinoxe 4.3/May 2014
Development status Active
Written in C++, Java, Assembly, Cg, HLSL, C#
Type Face rendering engine
Level editor/rendering tool
Game engine

Equinoxe is a game engine (and also formerly level rendering, level creation, face animation tool) by Equinoxe Digital Entertainment. It was first used in Geo Adventure: Gree Guy's Returns by Traveller's Tales, but originally in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker by Nintendo.

The products previously developed by Equinoxe Digital Entertainment was used commonly in SnakeCore's, UltraNitro Studios's and Nuclear Monkey Software's video games. The products include Abstegro physics engine, and previously Tatsu lighting tool and kAI and mAI artificial intelligence engines.

Equinoxe Digital Entertainment

Equinoxe Digital Entertainment (pronouced Eh-queen-oux) was a game middleware developer, based in Santa Monica, California. It was founded in 2009 by former members of "Balls" Engine Development Team and Zynga with the members of the previous Equinoxe, to create a groundbreaking engine for video games.

In 2010, Traveller's Tales and Nintendo decided to give the engine to Equinoxe Digital Entertainment, because they needed a ready engine to modify. Later on, after Terminal Reality was closed, Infernal Engine was given to Equinxe Digital Entertainment.

In 2013, Equinoxe established another office located at Vancouver.

The Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Austin offices were sold to UltraNitro Studios, while Berlin, Malmo and Maitland offices were bought by Geoshea Games, Co, while the staff at the offices in Burnaby, Chertsey, Helsinki, Tampere, Riverside, San Antonio and Lappeenranta were all moved to "Balls" Studios Montreal with the middleware previously developed by Equinoxe, except for the engine of the same name and Abstegro.


Original author(s)/creator(s) Equinoxe Digital Entertainment
Initial release Abstegro Uno/May 2010
Recent release Abstegro Cinco/May 2015
Development status Active
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Physics engine

Abstegro is a physics engine created by Equinoxe Digital Entertainment.

Ubisoft gave permission to use the trademark "Abstergo" and the physics engine is used in some Ubisoft games like Geo Adventure: Geo Guy Land.

Games using Equinoxe's products