Columbia TriStar Feature Animation
Type Subsidiary of Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group
Industry Entertainment
Fate Closed and moved to Sony Pictures Animation
Defunct April 2002
Headquarters Burbank, California, United States
Employees ~900
Owner(s) Sony Pictures Entertainment

Columbia TriStar Feature Animation was an animation/creative development company, located at Burbank, California and had many other animation studios around the world. Columbia Pictures Feature Animation was renamed to Columbia TriStar Feature Animation in 1989 and was later closed in 2002.


  • Columbia TriStar MiniCartoons, an animation sub-studio which made occasional CGI-animated/traditionally animated shorts and direct-to-video films, located in Glendale, California, founded in 1990. Closed in 2001.
    • Columbia Tristar MiniCartoons Australia, located in Sydney, Australia and Melbourne, Australia. Closed in 1998.
    • Columbia TriStar MiniCartoons France, located in Paris, France. Closed in 1997.
    • Columbia TriStar MiniCartoons Singapore, located in Singapore, Singapore. Closed in 1996.
  • Columbia TriStar Computer Graphics Animation, a CGI animation/character animation studio which made CGI-animated films and a satellite studio of/a joint venture between Columbia TriStar Interactive and Columbia TriStar Imageworks, located in Shanghai, China and Burbank, California. Merged to main studio in 1995, while Columbia TriStar Imageworks was bought by Sony Pictures Entertainment and renamed Sony Pictures ImageWorks.
    • Columbia TriStar Imageworks, a subsidiary of Columbia TriStar CGA, which made character animations and visual effects, located in Vancouver (Canada), Culver City, California and Chennai, India. Chennai studio was closed in 1994 and the studio sold to Sony Pictures in 1995.


The film or a video game name marked as italic are cancelled for some reasons or was completed by other studio(s).